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Be Water Wise

An average Wessex Water customer uses 140 litres per day. Do you have a meter, if so you can see how you compare with the average and set yourself a target. The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum of 20 litres per person per day in order to maintain health and hygiene. In the UK we are advised to drink 2 litres a day, but all our water is fit to drink, and a quarter goes straight down the toilet!

If you don’t have a water meter yet, Wessex Water can fit one for free. Find out if you should get one here, then see how much you can save.

Ten tips for saving water

  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth – save 18 litres per day

  • Take a short shower instead of a bath

  • Only use your washing machine or dishwasher when its full

  • Order your WaterSave pack – you could save £60 on bills

  • Use a save a flush device in the toilet

  • Don’t be a drip – fix dripping taps

  • No spills – use a bowl to wash fruit and vegetables, then put the water on your plants.

  • When buying new appliances – check the water efficiency

  • Catch the rain – fit a water butt in your garden

  • In the can – water with a watering can instead of a hose

Further information at Wessex Water


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