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Planet Earth Needs Our Help

In October 2016, Poole Library launched the book Planet Earth Needs Our Help by local artist and writer Marylyn Cropley, with a creative family workshop event. The workshop presented by Marylyn prompted Poole Library to showcase other childrens’ books on related topics, and to exhibit these alongside Planet Earth Needs Our Help. After listening to the story, children aged 5-11 years created their own illustrations inspired by the book. Adults accompanying the children found the book helpful in giving them a simple introduction and overview of Climate Change issues.

Planet Earth Needs Our Help, a self-published book, is a stand-alone, easy-to-read, storybook for children, introducing the topic of climate change. It presents a ‘springboard’ to other activities and information, for use by schools, libraries, discovery/educational centres, organisations and families with young children. It comes with notes that link to each page of the book, introducing subjects relating to caring for our planet, and raising awareness on the impact of global warming, and our lifestyles, on our planet and its inhabitants.

Over the past year the books have been purchased by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and school governors, and the local RSPB have presented this book at their events.

Planet Earth Needs Our Help, is promoted as a not-for-profit project, to raise awareness and be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Marylyn is seeking further outlets for the book in 2017 by approaching schools, relevant organisations, environmental shops and potential sponsors.

For more information you can contact Marylyn.


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